Space And Facilities

We are proud and fortunate to have the buildings and land that we may turn sacred with our worship practices. The Space and Facilities team helps us to recognize our shared ownership of our facilities, and to express our pride by working on its upkeep and improvement. Maintenance and improvement tasks for our buildings and grounds are broken into very manageable jobs, and you may sign up to help on the Stake Your Claim board in Dobkin Hall.

Vision of Goals:

> To create a pro-active work ethic. 

> To develop good stewardship habits in caring for our property

> To provide an opportunity for UUFW members to be of service to UUFW by participating in B&G programs.

> To communicate plans to office, Board of Trustees and members when appropriate.   


- Maintain and repair inventory of contents of building interiors.

- Maintain and delegate use of bulletin boards.

- Replace light fixtures and bulbs when necessary.

- Manage utility systems.

- Procure supplies in conjunction with Office.

- Seek membership input, Board approval and written quotes for major improvements as required. 

Special Project: Stake Your Claim 

A concept and program to share small manageable work site(s) and/or project(s) that maintains the Buildings and Grounds with the help of member volunteers working to their own schedule without requirement of meetings. 

To promote ongoing maintenance and repair of our physical assets by encouraging our many members and friends of UUFW who commit to Stake Your Claim and are actively and personally responsible to our community by their gift of service.

Please check bulletin boards in Dobkin Hall for sign up list of claims:  We have added claims for the  Chatlos Memorial Park cleared land behind the Annex as well as future claims for repairing our parking.