Worship Committee

The worship committee collaborates with the minister to present worship services that will nurture the spiritual needs and satisfy the emotional and intellectual desires of a diverse congregation. We seek to inspire our visitors and members with a genuine commitment to being a welcoming congregation which stands on the side of love. We honor free inquiry and encourage tolerance in our commitment to provide worship services which are inclusive of all ages and which help build a strong community.

The above Mission statement lays the groundwork for an important and dynamic committee within UUFW. The worship “team” is a diverse, hard-working yet fun-loving group, whose sole goal is the presentation of a spiritually rewarding service each Sunday morning. We open and prepare the sanctuary prior to each service, and assist the minister in whatever manner she requires. We participate during the service as Worship Associates, readers, sound, lighting and environmental management, offertory collection and whatever is needed to ensure a quality spiritual experience for everyone present.

As in many UU congregations, “lay led” services are periodically performed throughout a given calendar year at UUFW. The worship team lets its diversity shine through as it decides on a sermon “topic”. Hours of research, note comparison and rewrites yield the homily. Readings are chosen, as are songs (co-ordinated with the pianist). Finally, the Order of Service is put together and presented to the office staff for printing. Every effort is made to present a timely and meaningful message to our fellow members.

The worship committee is proud to be a part of the framework which strives to make UUFW a “beacon of Religious liberty” within the greater Wilmington area. Come check us out, and when you are ready, join us. Let's walk our individual spiritual paths together, learning from each other as we go.